MICROPOWER srl is a new company that operates in the field of energy efficiency.
We firmly believe that "the first energy saved is not consumed".
Our products are devices recovery of electrical energy, for which by inserting the apparatus in a domestic power supply, for the same load, you get a lower consumption of electrical energy; the amount of daily savings depends on the type of loads and operating time and at about 1000-2000 VAh for day.
All countries of the world are experiencing for some time, the environmental alarm and is absolutely necessary to do something important to make the most of electricity. Being able to obtain an electricity savings means having to produce a smaller quantity to meet the same needs of the end user.
Every kWh saved means that you donít have to be generated, then the same value of a kWh is not related emissions into the atmosphere of about 0,6 kg of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides that are the major causes of environmental pollution.
The mass installation of our devices in systems users of household energy users, would allow Italy within the parameters established by the Kyoto Protocol.
Micropower has the firm intention to make a contribution to increase the level of energy efficiency and environmental protection in the country, which added to other projects of "green energy" would allow Italy to be able to get out from the pressures of alert environment which is subject.
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